David Shattuck
David W. Shattuck, Ph.D.
• Professor - Department of Neurology
635 Charles E. Young Dr. South
Suite 225
Los Angeles, CA 90095


My research interests are focused on the development and application of novel computational approaches for the processing and analysis of brain images. This work has developed novel algorithms related to brain image analysis, including image segmentation topological filtering of data, image registration, and interactive delineation of data. Many of these methods are available in our publicly released software package, BrainSuite (

Area(s) of Expertise

image analysis, software engineering


Mapping the human connectome.
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Visualization of image data from cells to organisms.
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Semi-automated method for delineation of landmarks on models of the cerebral cortex.
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Online resource for validation of brain segmentation methods.
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Construction of a 3D probabilistic atlas of human cortical structures.
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Testosterone treatment in multiple sclerosis: a pilot study.
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Cerebellar cortical atrophy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.
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Diffusion tensor MRI shows abnormal brainstem crossing fibers associated with ROBO3 mutations.
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LONI visualization environment.
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A framework for registration, statistical characterization and classification of cortically constrained functional imaging data.
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