Account Request

Request an ALBMC Database Account


To use the database to submit proposals or to conduct research studies in the ALBMC, you must have a valid user account. Please click on the "Request a Database Account" to the right to complete an account request.


Sharing of accounts by more than one person is strongly discouraged and may lead to problems when different people log onto the database simultaneously. To avoid such problems, people in various roles should all request their own ALBMC database accounts.


These include:


Please note that ALBMC database accounts are maintained separately from ALBMC computer accounts.

Once your information has been reviewed, the email address that you provide will be used to notify you when your account is approved.


Request Building and Laboratory Access


Once you have completed safety training for the specific area(s) you would like to access, send a completed BMC Building Access Form to Ludmila Budilo. Access areas include building, MRI scanner, mMR scanner, hot lab, prep room, changing room and neuromodulation lab.  Please note that PI approval and a valid UCLA ID card are required to get access these areas.  If you are a volunteer (e.g. undergrad) you will need to send your "Volunteer Assignment Referral Slip" to Trent Thixton before access will be granted.  


Request a Network Account


A network account will give you access to computers in the BMC data lab and also allows you to access imaging data via ssh or vpn. Send a completed BMC Network Access Form to James Widanta to request a network account. Please note that PI approval is required to access data accounts.  


How to access scan data


Account/Access Termination


Scanner and lab access will be terminated when:

1.  Safety certification has lasped for more than 1 week and/or

2.  leave notification is received from the PI/Mentor (i.e. you are no longer involved in a Brain Mapping project or have left UCLA)


Building access and database/network accounts will be terminated when leave notification is received from the PI/Mentor (i.e. you are no longer involved in a brain mapping project or have left UCLA)