PET Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Training 

All personnel present during PET scans will need to complete a formal radiation safety certification process.  At least one lab member must be present during the scan.



A Principal Radiation Worker is authorized to:


Handle radioactive material

Perform experiments using radioactive material in accordance with the Radiation Use Authorization (RUA)

Package and transfer radioactive waste

Perform work in dedicated radioactive material work areas



Contact Mary Susselman to receive approval to be under the ALBMC radiation authorization permit. At this time Mary will give you the License Authorization Number. You will need this number to sign up for the class.


1. Go to
2. Search for "radiation safety" in the top search bar
3. There are two class you must sign up for
a. Choose Radiation Safety Training for Users of Radioactive Materials - Online – this one must be completed first
b. Choose Radiation Safety for Materials Users - In-Class

Please be sure to bring a pen or pencil and arrive a few minutes early. The regulatory requirements of the material covered in the training require you to be present for the entire session. Late arrivals may not be able to participate and will be asked to reschedule.

Certification includes:
  1. Reading the radiation safety handout
  2. Completing the online training course
  3. Attending the training seminar
  4. Passing the exam

Your radiation badge and rings will be delivered to ALBMC on a quarterly basis. These dosimeters will be kept in the PET lab control room.

After you pass the radiation safety class/test, you will need to attend a short orientation at the ALBMC. Please contact Mary Susselman to schedule your orientation and bring your new radiation badges with you.

One continuing education credit per calendar year must be completed to retain certification.

All personnel who will be present during PET scans need to be radiation safety certified. Please complete this process before the study begins.



Continuing education (CE) requirements include one training credit per calendar year. To maintain an active radiation safety certification, credits must be completed and reported before the end of each year.


1. Go to
2. Search for “refresher training” in the top search bar
3. Then click radiation safety on the left tool bar
4. Choose any of the below from the options:
    a. Dosimetry Refresher Training
    b. Radiation Instrumentation Refresher Training
    c. Minimizing Contamination Refresher Training
    d. Sealed Sources Refresher Training
    e. Radiation Waste Management Refresher Training
6. Click Launch
7. Email Mary Susselman when the CE has been completed