Tech Requests and Non-Scanning Sessions


• Tech Request and Non-Scanning Calendar


Tech Coverage Hours

• 830am-5pm Monday-Friday

• No Tech Coverage/Requests on UC Holidays

• No Tech Coverage/Requests from 12pm-1pm



• BMC Tech Office Lines: (424) 241-2013


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MRI Safety Training 

MRI Scanners

To request a Tech or a non-scanning Prisma session, please fill out the below request form. Once it is processed, you will receive a notification via email. All requests will be reviewed in the order they are received. You must be BMC safety trained to attend scanning and non-scanning sessions.  


For Non-Scanning Session Requests: 

• Please check the MRI Calendar for available gaps prior to submitting a request and right before your session to ensure the time slot is still available. 

• If a scan session is scheduled during your non-scan time, your approval will be automatically void. 

For Tech Requests: 

• Disclaimer: Even if your request is approved, there are instances where a tech might become unavailable due to unforeseeable events. If this case, you will be still be responsible for staffing the scan and will not be entitled to an administrative cancellation. Backup plans are recommended.

• Conditional implant scans must be cancelled/rescheduled if a Tech is unavailable to monitor. 


Types of Tech Requests:

     • Safety Second: short staffed so you need a tech to be your safety second - includes tech 

        assistance (help with setup, cleanup, troubleshooting functional equipment, training new 

        researchers and/or the scan acquisition

     • Implant Monitoring: tech required to monitor conditional implants approved by Dr. Woods -

        includes safety second

     • Tech Assist: need help with setup, cleanup, troubleshooting functional equipment, training

        new researchers and/or the scan acquisition - you have your own safety second


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