MRI 3T Prisma

3.0 Tesla Siemens Prisma MRI Scanner


The 3T Prisma scanner is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging system configured with up to 64 receiver channels comprised of up to 204 coil elements with up to 128 independent RF channels.  It has has a 60 cm bore diameter and a 50x50x50 cm3 imaging field of view.  It offers Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) with up to 256 directions, Diffusion Spectrum Imaging (DSI) with up to 514 diffusion directions, remarkable flow sensitivity and time-resolved Angiography with XR 80/200, fully integrated funtional MRI/DTI evaluation, enhanced iPAT performance, powerful shimming with multinuclear spectroscopy, TimTX TrueShape and syngo ZOOMit with high resolution Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) and long-term signal stability for demanding research sequences.


BMC Resources: Technical Scanner Description


MRI Safety & Training



Scanner Computer

• The Prisma has software version VE11C.

• For a complete listing of installed software packages please contact the BMC Techs.


Auxiliary Computers


• NVIDIA Steroscopic 3D Video Player

• Arrington Research Eye Tracker Software



•El Capitan

     •MS Office 2011

     •Matlab R.2013B

     •Adobe Acrobat 9


Windows 10 Pro on bootcamp (Encrypted using Bitlocker)

     •Matlab R.2013

     Presentation Version 18.1

     •E-Prime, version 2 professional

     •Audacity 2.1.1




• Snow Leopard

     • MS Office 2008

     • Matlab R.2011B

     • Acknowledge 3.9.2

• Windows 7 (on Parallels)

     • E-Prime, version 2 Professional 

     • Matlab R.2013B




• Button Boxes - Current Designs 

  1. 1X4 - buttons in a straight row

  2. 2X2 - split boxes, you may use just one box if applicable

  3. 2X4 - curved row of buttons, you may use just one box, also good for smaller hands or subjects' with limited range of motion

  4. Joystick

  5. Trackball

• Eye Tracker Camera - Resonance Technology 

• Goggles - Resonance Technology 

• Headphones - Resonance Technology 

• Headphones, active noice cancelling - Optoacoustics 

• In ear headphones - Newmatic Medical 

• Intercoms - Siemens, Resonance Technology and Optoacoustics

• Microphone, active noice cancelling Optoacoustics 

• Projector, LCD - Sharp

• Speaker Interface Box

• Trigger - Current Designs 

• VisuaStim Controller - Resonance Technology



The Prisma (3.0 T) unit has the following coils, which are receive-only except where otherwise specified:

• 20 channel head/neck coil = 16 channel head + 4 channel neck 

• 32 channel head coil

• 64 channel head/neck coil = 48 channel head + 16 channel neck 

• 4 channel large and small flex coils

• 4 channel small flex coil 

• 18 channel body flex coil

• 32 channel spine coil 

• Transmit/receive - circularly polarized no-tune head coil compatible with certain implanted equipment such as vagus nerve stimulators





• Spectral

• Spectroscopy


Siemens Prisma Brochure