MRI Scanner Protocol Template

Please make sure to also submit your project to the BMC database and complete your safety training.
Scanner *
Which modality are you using? *

Which coil do you use? *
Which headphones do you use? *

Do you use the Optoacoustics microphone? *

Do you use the Opto noise cancelling feature? *

What visual equipment do you use?

Do you use a camera? *

What camera do you use? *

Do you collect physiological data? *

What type of physiological data do you collect? (Check all that apply) *

Which emergency squeeze ball/button do you use? *

Do you use the trigger? *

Which button box do you use? *

What setting do you use on the button box? *

Which computer do you use for stimuli? (Check all that apply) *

Subject Setup
Which Radiopharmaceutical(s) will you be using? *

What type of uptake? *

Do you want the subject to wear a face mask during the scan? *

Do you play movies or music? *

Which earplugs do you prefer? *

Do you use the weighted blanket? *

Do you know how to pick out corrective lenses if required for your subject? *

Do you use a fiducial marker? *

Do you need tech assistance? *

Do you ever need an MRI tech to be your safety second? *

What type of MRI sequences do you run? (Check all that apply) *

Do you need to save TWIX or .RDA files? *

Do you use any HCP/CMRR sequences? *

Do you take blood pressure readings? *

Do you perform blood draws at BMC? *

Do you need to draw blood while inside the scanner? *

Do you schedule familiarization sessions? *

Which scanner do you use for familiarization sessions? *

Do you use the prep room? *

Do you administer any study medications and/or foods in the prep room or Prisma suite? *

Is this an RDRC protocol? *