Synchronized Histological Image Viewing Architecture


The Synchronized Histological Image Viewing Architecture (SHIVA) is a Java-based visualization and analysis application. SHIVA can load, display, and process 2D and 3D image files. SHIVA provides convenient methods for users to overlay multiple datasets. For example, one can simultaneously display co-registered MRI and histology data with a set of anatomical labels that delineate structures or tissue types. SHIVA currently supports files that are stored in Analyze image, MINC, TIFF, and some vendor specific formats. The distribution of SHIVA includes a Java binary and a collection of data files from the LONI Mouse Atlas Project.


Click here to download a PDF guide to setting up and running SHIVA


  • Simultaneous visualization of multiple image volumes.
  • Tools for labeling and masking of structures.
  • Framework for the Mouse Atlas Project.


SHIVA provides a visualization framework that can display simultaneously display multiple image files. SHIVA can display data in single planes, simultaneous orthogonal planes has several isplay modes, including lightbox views, single plane views, or simultaneous orthogonal (axial, sagittal, and coronal) views of 3D image volume datasets. SHIVA also provides tools for delineation of anatomical structures and generation of mask volumes.

Grants & Acknowledgments

NIH-NCRR P41-RR013642 NIH-NCRR U54-RR021813